Grupo Frente was a early 1950s Brazilian art movement formed by artists who rejected the figuration and nationalism of the predominant modernist Brazilian painting style. Although each one of them was a representative of a different art form, they were unified by emphasis on intuition, empiricism and individualism. The collective was more interested in representing organic forms in their work while remaining within the non-figurative, geometric conventions of Concrete art. During its two-year existence, the Grupo Frente played a key role in the redefinition of Brazilian art through the exploration of the relationship between painting and architecture, new techniques, and even new technologies.

„The artist can no longer shut himself up.“

Ivan Serpa

And maybe exactly, the unification of things that at first look can not be put together is the key to the future. In the modern society in order to move with the times, we are supposed to be aware of broader spectrums of life, to explore as much as well can about the world that surrounds us. Perhaps exactly those small bits and pieces form who we really are, like differently shaped puzzle pieces that perfectly fit each other in order to create a full picture.

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